BT Sport's Compilation Proves Ronaldo Is The Best Header Of The Ball

BT Sport's Compilation Proves Ronaldo Is The Best Header Of The Ball  -

Last night’s masterclass from Cristiano Ronaldo prompted Gary Lineker to describe him as the best header of a ball he’s ever seen.

And BT Sport followed up on their lead presenter’s tweet by posting a compilation of Ronaldo’s best headers in Europe, further highlighting his unmatched aerial prowess.

It starts off with his two most recent headers as part of his stunning hat-trick to sink Juventus once again and also includes his two ridiculous leaps to score for Manchester United (one being in the final against Chelsea) – as well as one he notched past his former club at the Bernabeu in 2013.

Ronaldo is just a joke in the air, isn’t he? When the delivery is on point, it’s just inevitable that the 34-year old, an absolute physical specimen, is going to rise highest.

During biomechanic tests on the forward at the University of Chichester in 2011, with the whole thing documented in an in-depth video for Castrol Edge Rankings, it emerged that Ronaldo is able to jump higher than an average NBA player – which is utterly insane when you think of it.

Able to generate 5G of G-force on take-off and helped by his a thigh circumference of 62cm, he can reach heights of 44 cm rom a standing start and 78 cm when he has a run-up – 7cm more than the average basketballer. It’s basically unfair for defenders to cope against him in the air.

More research, conducted by sports analytics company SciSports, proves that Ronaldo is like no other player in world football.

SciSports teamed up with research university KU Leuven to study how much stress is a factor in key moments in football games. They collected data from 7,000 minutes, analysing how performance levels are affected by in-game pressure and unsurprisingly, Ronaldo comes out on top.

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner is “immune” to pressure, with his performance levels remaining the same in ‘every scenario possible.’