Edin Dzeko Embarrasses Himself With Dive After Clash With Pepe

Edin Dzeko Embarrasses Himself With Dive After Clash With Pepe  - FootyNews.co.uk

Roma‘s Edin Dzeko somehow managed to come out of a clash with Pepe looking like an absolute idiot after falling to the ground and grabbing his face after an innocuous clash between the pair.

Not many people have had bigger reputations in football for being a shithouse than Porto centre back Pepe. Only his former Real Madrid partner Sergio Ramos can match him for some of his antics over the years.

The Portuguese defender is in the latter part of his career now and after time in Turkey he has returned to play for Porto but he’s not slowing down and on Wednesday night appeared in the Champions League last 16 against Roma.

You might think that in his mid 30s he might have mellowed a little bit and be keeping out of situations but of course you’d be completely wrong.

During the game against Roma the Porto defender squared up to former Manchester City striker Edin Dzeko and the pair put their heads together.

However it wasn’t Pepe that made more of the situation but Dzeko as he clasped his head and hell to the floor dramatically:

In the least surprising moment ever the defender did get a yellow card and that means that he’ll be missing his side’s next Champions League game:

When you’ve managed to come out of a situation looking like more of a knobhead than Pepe you know you’ve had a bad night.