Eric Bicfalvi Incredible Goal From August Is Only Just Going Viral

Eric Bicfalvi Incredible Goal From August Is Only Just Going Viral  -

If someone said that you hadn’t seen one of the best goals scored in the last year you’d probably call them a liar but Eric Bicfalvi’s brilliant effort proves how wrong you’d be.

The nature of things going viral means that most of the time no matter where in the world someone does something brilliant in football you’re likely to see it within a day of it happening.

However one goal from August last year seems to have missed avaded everyone’s attention somehow, until now.

A goal from a Russian Premier League game from last summer between FC Ural and Dinamo Moscow has gone viral because Eric Bicfalvi’s first touch is the stuff of dreams and fiction, and Dennis Bergkamp’s book of tricks:

That first touch from the cross is simply sublime!

One thing perhaps that does go against Bicfalvi in trying to claim a right as the true winner of the Puskas Award would be the dodgy keeping, but other than that it’s a bloody brilliant goal and that’s hardly his fault anyway.

Instead Mo Salah’s goal against Everton from the 2017/18 Premier League season won the FIFA award for best goal of the year.

That was a shocking decision with Cristiano Ronaldo’s overhead goal for Real Madrid in the Champions League in second and Giorgian De Arrascaeta’s goal for Cruzeiro in third.

Gareth Bale’s Champions League winner came in fourth as well, that definitely should have been further up.

But seriously how did everyone miss this goal from August?