Everyone's Confused Who To Support Going Into The Manchester Derby

Everyone's Confused Who To Support Going Into The Manchester Derby  - FootyNews.co.uk

The Manchester derby on Wednesday could go along way to deciding who wins the Premier League and who finishes in the top four at the end of the season and it’s making everyone confused.

Football allegiances are the strongest ones around. You lose friends, you don’t always like your family, girlfriends and boyfriends come and go and TV shows end and get replaced but your football team is for life.

Not only do you hold the love of your team no matter what you’ll also keep hold of the rivalries that shape them too, even being in the same league won’t stop the hatred.

On Wednesday night Manchester United host Manchester City for the 178th Manchester derby and that should be the time when lines are least blurred because derbies matter a lot to a city.

However for the first time ever there’s actually some United fans who want to see their ‘noisy neighbours’ win and the confusion doesn’t end their.

Fans of the Red Devils might actually want to see their team lose because a win would make their other, even fiercer rivals, Liverpool become favourites to lift the title, something they’ve not managed since 1990.

Meanwhile Liverpool fans will be cheering on United for the opposite reason, wanting to win the league.

On top of it all Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs fans will all find themselves ignoring their usual ‘no history,’ ‘no fans,’ you bought the title’ rhetoric and getting behind City as United rival them for the top four spots.

Even City’s right back, Kyle Walker, claimed to the Telegraph that United fans are coming up to him to tell him they hope he helps beat their own team, saying, “United fans are in a difficult situation obviously. When I’m out and about or walking my dogs, United fans are coming up to me saying, ‘We’d rather City win the league than Liverpool.'”

You’d have thought that it’s obvious that Liverpool fans would want United to win and Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea fans would want City to win but it’s weird that fans in the red half of Manchester want their own team to lose.

The loss to Everton might have killed off their chances of finishing in the top four but Spurs had lost to City and then Arsenal lost to Crystal Palace and Chelsea drew with Burnley to give them another chance.

Who will you be supporting on Wednesday night?