Fans Claim The Champions League Quarter-Final Draw Has 'Leaked'

Fans Claim The Champions League Quarter-Final Draw Has 'Leaked'  -

Football fans are going crazy after the Champions League draw for the quarter-finals has apparently ‘leaked’ online.

Most people have already taken these claims with a pinch of salt, but it is not surprising that many fans are convinced the fixtures for the last eight are real.

A piece of paper with the Champions League logo, disclaimer and fixtures — stick with us on this one — has surfaced online and some are claiming a UEFA director ‘accidentally’ uploaded the image to the internet.

Still with us? If so, then excellent news. We’ll continue.

So, according to this paper, the fixtures for the next stage of Europe’s top-tier club competition are the following:

Who needs Paul the Octopus anyway, right?


Like most things usually do, the image has sent social media into overdrive.

“UCL director posted this on social media by accident seconds before deleting,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another added: “Remember this post after the draw tomorrow.”

A third said: “Quarter-finals draw [has] leaked? Is it [real]?”

Liverpool, Ajax, United, Porto, Spurs, Juventus, City and Barcelona are the final eight teams in the Champions League this season.

The draw for the next round will take place in Nyon, Switzerland, on Friday.

Who will win the Champions League this season?

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