FIFA set deadline for Cardiff City, Nantes over Sala dispute

FIFA set deadline for Cardiff, Nantes over Sala dispute  -

FIFA have given French club Nantes and Cardiff City City 10 days to reach a settlement in the dispute over payment of the transfer fee following the death of Emiliano Sala.

According to a letter sent to both clubs, if they miss the deadline FIFA will issue its own ruling, which is subject to appeal.

“We can confirm that a letter was sent to the parties on behalf of the chairman of the players’ status committee. Please understand we cannot comment further at this stage,” FIFA said in a statement to AFP.

Nantes appealed to the commission in February after Cardiff City failed to pay 17 million euros the French club said it was owed following the transfer of Argentine striker Sala, who died on January 17 in a plane crash while travelling to join his new club.

Cardiff City had earlier resolved not to pay a first instalment of six million euros of the 17 million fee agreed before the accident.