Five-A-Side Football Team Kicked Out Of League For Being 'Too Good'

Five-A-Side Football Team Kicked Out Of League For Being 'Too Good'  -

If you’ve been involved in a five-a-side league then you’ll be familiar with THAT team who turn up, knock the ball around like prime 2008/09 Barcelona and win every game without fail.

There’s always that person who wears fluorescent boots and sock tape. Then you’ve got that brick-wall of a defender who could end you with a simple shoulder barge.

It’s an unstoppable force that will end up with +120 goal difference at the end of the season thanks to Keith Messi, Nigel Aguero and Roger Vidic.

It happens up and down the country but In Bristol, things have got a little out of hand.

Five-a-side team The Three Crowns are so good, they have been kicked out of the Goals Bristol North league after 20 years of participation.Formed of players who used to play at semi-professional level, this team have won an incredible 57 titles from a possible 60

But after years of silverware, the club have been asked to leave the league after opponents think they are ‘too good.’

Bristol Live report that the club are currently top of the Thursday Premier Division after winning 13 games from 13.

They spoke to James Potts, who plays for the club, and he revealed his shock at the decision: “It’s such a shame to be honest. We can’t really get our heads around it.” he said.

“We know it’s only 5-a-side but it’s been our hobby every Thursday for the past 20 years so we don’t want to stop.

“They’ve offered us the chance to play in a different league on a different weeknight but a few of us can only do Thursdays due to other commitments, so that’s not possible.”

Five-A-Side Football Team Kicked Out Of League For Being 'Too Good'  -

Potts revealed that the team have contributed around £50,000 to the league down the years, and said the team feel “hard done by” following the controversial decision:

“Considering we’ve never missed a game, we always turn up on time and we’ve never owed money, we feel quite hard done by and want to make a point of that.

“We’re competitive and we take it seriously whenever we play, but we’re not a nasty team.”

Goals Bristol North have since released a statement, saying it was a hard decision to make but feel they have an obligation to ensure the safeguarding of all players:

“We want to thank the Three Crowns for playing in our leagues, but we have had to make the hard decision to remove them from their current division as their ability level is of such that doesn’t make the league competitive at this time.

“We have an obligation to all our teams to ensure the safeguarding of all players.

“We have offered the team to play in other more suitable leagues that meet their standard of play which unfortunately have been declined.

“We hope to see the Three Crowns playing again soon at our Bristol club in a suitable competitive league.”