'GOAL' Has Been Voted The Greatest Football Film Of All Time

'GOAL' Has Been Voted The Greatest Football Film Of All Time  - FootyNews.co.uk

Santiago Munez’s journey to stardom is like no other. The lad went from working in a Chinese restaurant after his father smuggled his penniless Mexican family over the US border to seek a better life in L.A, to playing in front of thousands at St James park with that really annoying bloke, Gavin Harris.

For many of us reading this, the fictional tale of this talented Mexican is up there with the very best. In fact, to put the public’s adoration for the film into perspective, GOAL has been voted the greatest football-related film of all time by fans and we couldn’t be happier.

There was over 28,000 votes cast to decide the eventual winner, with the likes of Bend It Like Beckham, Green Street, The Football Factory and Mike Bassett: England Manager in the running for the coveted prize.

GOAL came out on top with 6,136 votes, while GOAL 2 and Green Street made up the top three. Lovers of the film Mean Machine and Escape To Victory might be disappointing to learn that they fall into the bottom three alongside Fever Pitch.

Here are the results in full:

1) GOAL – 6136 votes
2) GOAL 2 – 5488 votes
3) Green Street – 2887 votes
4) The Damned United – 2912 votes
5) The Football Factory – 2080 votes
6) Bend It Like Beckham – 2014 votes
7) Mike Bassett – 1768 votes
8) Jimmy Grimble – 1456 votes
9) She’s The Man – 1344 votes
10) Mean Machine – 1007 votes
11) Escape to Victory – 805 votes
12) Fever Pitch – 416 votes

On a personal note, the fact that Bend It Like Beckham received just 2014 votes in this poll is appalling from all involved.

That is all.