How Roy Keane Reacts If You Ask Him For A Selfie

How Roy Keane Reacts If You Ask Him For A Selfie  -

Most of you reading this will have spotted at least one famous face on the streets.

You frantically scramble for your phone to take that all important selfie because let’s face it, nobody will believe you if photographic evidence isn’t submitted in the group chat.

Trying to act somewhat normal you walk a bit faster than usual to approach the celebrity and nine times out of ten, they say yes and pretend to smile for the camera.

However, some famous faces might not fancy a picture: enter Roy Keane.

The man who destroys hopes and dreams with his often straightforward and brutal punditry is also known to play up to the camera when approached in the street.

England cricketer Jimmy Anderson told a story of how Keane responded when someone asked for a picture and it’s gold.

Keane simply responded “Why?” to the request, and the person responded: “Just to show my mates.”

The former Manchester United midfielder then ended with conversation with the line: “Just tell them you’ve seen me” and that was it. Game over.

That being said, you might catch Keane on a good day.

He has been known in the past to pose next to fans but as you’d expect the amount of effort put into his facial expressions are a tad weak.

Take a look at some of these classics:

Never change, Roy.