Javi Martinez Claims He Came Up With Concept Of 'The Hunger Games'

Javi Martinez Claims He Came Up With Concept Of 'The Hunger Games'  - FootyNews.co.uk

I had to rub my eyes and question my existence on this fine Saturday afternoon after reading that Bayern Munich midfielder Javi Martinez came up with concept of ‘The Hunger Games’ franchise.

Well that’s the belief of Martinez himself, who has bizarrely claimed that he wrote exactly the same plot as the popular novels written by American novelist Suzanne Collins when he was a teenager.

The novels were eventually turned into a series of movies featuring Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

So, what did the Spaniard have to say about this pressing matter?

In an interview with German publication Socrates, Martinez recalled the time he was sitting in a cinema and had a sudden realisation of what was going on:

“Writing is a great pleasure for me, even as a teenager I started to write a book. And believe it or not, the plot was pretty much the same as ‘The Hunger Games'” he said.

“It was strange (to see the Hunger Games movie).

“I was sitting in the cinema and thought: ‘It does not exist, that’s my idea, which I had years ago, the creators must have stolen my computer!’

He later tweeted about the incredible story on Twitter and well, I don’t think this bizarre series of events will ever be topped. Take it away, Javi.

I’ve read some strange things in my time, folks, but this might just be up there with the very strangest.

What a time to be alive.