Jordan Henderson Broke A Club Rule In Front Of Jurgen Klopp Last Week

Jordan Henderson Broke A Club Rule In Front Of Jurgen Klopp Last Week  -

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson broke a club rule right in the view of Jurgen Klopp last week.

The club record a tunnel cam video for every home game at Anfield and this particular ‘access all areas’ video from the 5-0 trouncing of Watford shows Henderson going against something Klopp introduced when he was appointed manager in 2016.

As per The Mirror, upon his arrival on Merseyside, Klopp said: “I’ve told my players not to touch the ‘This Is Anfield’ sign until they win something. It’s a sign of respect.”

Henderson, who joined the club in 2011, does have a League Cup winner’s medal to his name but Klopp was starting a fresh and meaning his players would have to win something with him before they were granted permission to touch the iconic sign.

However, at around 1:30 in the tunnel cam video on YouTube, Henderson can be seen touching the sign while his manager walks behind him.

It’s not exactly a disgraceful act, nor it is something that you’d expect the former Sunderland man to get fined for but it is a little strange to see.

Perhaps Klopp has abolished the rule even though his group of players are yet to win anything – despite coming close on a number of occasions.

The ‘This is Anfield’ sign in Liverpool‘s tunnel has been touched by many iconic players and managers over the years.

Jordan Henderson Broke A Club Rule In Front Of Jurgen Klopp Last Week  -

However, one man who really didn’t get the hype surrounding the sign is Napoli forward Dries Mertens when he came to Anfield for the second time back in December.

The Belgium international had previously turned out at the stadium during a Europa League game for Utrecht eight years ago and had heard a lot about the sign beforehand.

Yet when he came across it, Mertens wasn’t quite as impressed as he thought he would be.

“My strongest memory is that they have a sign saying ‘This is Anfield’ and everyone was talking about it, so I was thinking it’s very big, you know,” Mertens told The Times in an interview.

“I came through the tunnel and I asked, ‘Where is the thing?’ and they said you missed it and I hadn’t noticed it.

“So, in the second half, I’m looking at this small thing and asking, ‘Is this so special?'”

Mertens was made to eat his words as Napoli were beaten by Liverpool and dumped into the Europa League after finishing third in the group.