Lionel Messi Creates Space Simply By Standing Still

Lionel Messi Creates Space Simply By Standing Still  -

One fan has shown that Lionel Messi doesn’t need to be running or dribbling or shooting to make the difference for his team and that simply by standing still he can cause mayhem.

It gets difficult as a writer to find words to describe Lionel Messi. There’s pretty much no point in me telling you that he’s good at football, you’ve probably realised that by now, and there’s few stats I can give you that you haven’t already seen.

That though doesn’t stop him being a little bit brilliant and, despite all the plaudits he gets, he’s still pretty underrated because it’s just accepted that the players around him are very good too.

However the five time Ballon d’Or winner is still bailing them out of tough situations, no matter how good the rest of them are, and he was at it again this weekend.

The Catalan giants were at home against Valencia on Saturday evening and found themselves 2-0 down after 32 minutes but the Argentina forward bagged twice to gain Barca a point.

One football account has shown how Messi is even a danger when he’s standing still, because defenders want to pay to much attention to him, and creates space simply by being there:

It almost proves how impressive it is that Messi ever scores, because there’s clearly so much attention on him when he doesn’t have the ball so when he does have they crowd him even more.

This week his teammate and strike partner Luis Suarez revealed that the club’s leading goalscorer of all time doesn’t watch his games back saying, “No, but we talk about a lot of situations in matches.

“The good as much as the bad because we’re both self-critical. There are days when the team wins and I feel frustrated because I didn’t perform well.

“And Leo knows I’m in an argumentative mood. The same way I know when he’s angry because he didn’t have a good performance.”

Lionel Messi Creates Space Simply By Standing Still  -

It’s fair to say that most of us would rather have Lionel Messi standing still in our team than a lot of other players being able to move around.

Finally, a new way to describe just how good he is.