Lionel Messi Had 31% Of Possession In The Copa Del Rey Final

Lionel Messi Had 31% Of Possession In The Copa Del Rey Final  -

Lionel Messi has taken the saying ‘one man team’ to new levels this weekend after he recorded a usage rate of 30.83% against Valencia.

According to stats via UtdArena, this means that 31% of Barcelona‘s possession ended with Messi, who couldn’t get Barcelona over the line in the Copa del Rey final, despite scoring in the 73rd minute.

It is believed that this number is amongst the highest ever recorded since the metric has been in development.

The fact that Valencia only managed 23% of possession, while Messi recorded 31%, is quite remarkable.

Valencia picked up a shock win on Saturday night, with goals from Kevin Gameiro and Rodrigo putting them ahead at half-time.

And despite Messi finding the net in the second half, Marcelino Garcia Toral’s side hung in there to secure victory.

After the full-time whistle, Barcelona manager Ernesto Valverde said he felt “fine” after the defeat:

“I feel fine. When you win, obviously you feel much better, much happier — but this is a different feeling to [Liverpool], even though we’ve lost again.” he said via ESPN.

“We have not been able to fulfill the expectations that we’ve created throughout the season.”

“A month ago, we celebrated the La Liga title thinking about winning a Treble and we’ve been knocked off that path at the decisive moment. We’re here to win trophies, nothing else.

“But I am fine, I am fine […] When managers lose, we always want to make amends and turn things around. There is no doubt about that. I know losing is tough. Something was lacking.

“That responsibility [I have] is difficult, but you have to accept it.”

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