Luis Suarez Forces Andy Robertson Off At Half-Time After Kicking Out

Luis Suarez Forces Andy Robertson Off At Half-Time After Kicking Out  -

Liverpool fans were angry at Luis Suarez for everything he did against them in the second leg of the Champions League semi final, especially when he seemed to twice kick out at full back Andrew Robertson.

Between January 2011 and July 2014 Liverpool fan absolutely loved everything Luis Suarez did in a Liverpool shirt. Everything, even the very worst of his on field behaviour was good whilst he banged in the goals.

After he moved to Barcelona fans of the Premier League side weren’t particularly annoyed at the Uruguayan, accepting that he’d left to further his career and a better chance at silverware.

However it has taken the former Ajax striker just 90 minutes from turn himself from hero to villain in the eyes of those at Anfield because of his goal scoring performance, and celebration, at the Camp Nou in the first leg of the two sides’ Champions League semi final.

Back in Merseyside for the second leg Suarez was being booed every time he had the ball, cheered when he lost it, and jeered everytime he made a foul or dive.

The 32 year old’s worst action though was a double kick out at left back Andy Robertson, with the Scot unable to carry on after half time because of it:

And it’s fair to say that Liverpool fans are no longer so forgiving of their former hero:

Football fans can forgive a lot, just not when it’s against their own team…