Manchester United And City Fans Aren't Impressed With Half & Half Kit

Manchester United And City Fans Aren't Impressed With Half & Half Kit  -

If you thought that football fans were ready to take to arms over the controversial issue of half and half scarves then wait till you see the reaction of Manchester United and City fans at the half and half kit ahead of the Manchester derby.

Some really terrible things happen in football, often that reflect the terrible things happening in wider society, but speaking to a lot of fans you’d think the biggest atrocity was the half and half scarf.

The scarves, which are sold outside grounds by unofficial vendors, have come under the wrath of many a fan and it’s mainly because they paint the picture of tourist football fans, those who don’t really care about the team but are there merely for entertainment.

You can’t imagine they’ll be many dyed in the wool Mancunians walking around Manchester wearing half blue and half red scarves today, even if fans are confused who they should be supporting.

But if you want real anger towards an item of clothing then introduce those fans to a kit that is half Manchester United and half Manchester City, as The Sportsman did, and sit back and watch their angry reactions:

The fact that some people said they’d only want to be paid £100 to wear the shirt does restore some of my faith in humanity, I mean surely it’s worth it for £100, probably less it’s just a bit of fabric after all.

Or is that looking at it too dispassionately? What would it take for you to wear half of your rivals shirts?

United and City’s rivalry takes on a whole new outlook on Wednesday with a place in the top four and the Premier League title race both on the line, for the respective teams.

But it’s the fact that some United fans actually want their own team to lose in order to stop Liverpool winning the league that’s bringing the new spin.

Manchester United And City Fans Aren't Impressed With Half & Half Kit  -

It seems unlikely that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side will beat Pep Guardiola’s team considering the form of the two, especially after United’s 4-0 embarrassment to Everton at the weekend.

United fans who want their team to win will be hoping that the old adage that form goes out the window for derbies holds true, them and all the Liverpool fans.

There might not be many half and half shirts in the crowd at Old Trafford but they’ll certainly be some half and half fans.