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What does Sir Alex make of Bruno?

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Manchester United’s past and present have been recognised this week, with Sir Alex Ferguson and Bruno Fernandes in the news for varying reasons.

Behind the scenes at Sir Alex’s premiereVideo

One can only wonder how our current no.18 would have meshed with some of the Scot’s vintage sides, but what is clear is just how highly Ferguson rates Fernandes and the impact that he’s had since moving to England from Portugal in January last year.

“Well, he’s been fantastic the lad,” enthused Sir Alex to BBC Radio Manchester, on the red carpet at Old Trafford.

“He’s scored important goals and even when he’s taking his penalty kicks he’s very, very confident about them and I can’t even think if a goalkeeper’s got anywhere near his penalty kicks.

“So he’s calm, his shots from outside the box are always a threat and he’s got the thing that United have really needed in the last few years with his ability to make a pass in the final third.

“It opens up defences and I think that’s important.”

Last weekend, we published a story highlighting Bruno’s regret at not yet having the chance to talk in-depth with Sir Alex.

Anyone who follows Fernandes on social media will know that he lives and breathes football and he recently told us that he would just love the chance to ask our former boss what he thinks about his game.

“I met him already but never had the chance to speak with him like I would like to do,” said Fernandes in a Q&A with United fans.

“I think everyone who watched Manchester United in the past remembers Sir Alex. [That is true] for me, growing up and seeing the club, being a fan of the club and seeing the development of the team.

“I would like to have a conversation with him and understand, from his point of view, what he thinks about me and what I can improve or still improve in my game to be better.”

Well, Bruno, while we hope you do get to spend more time with Sir Alex in future, now you know – he’s a massive fan!


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