Messi & Salah Just Teamed Up For An Amazing New Ad

Messi & Salah Just Teamed Up For An Amazing New Ad  -

Pepsi is known for producing some of the best football ads out there.

They went through a golden period with David Beckham, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Francesco Totti and pals teaming up to take on sumo wrestlers, medieval warriors and, er, evil cowboy Rivaldo in a series of hilarious TV commercials.

The combination of footy megastars and actually good comedy – never a given when footballers are involved – resulted in some of the most memorable ads in recent memory. Now, in a new spot featuring Leo Messi and Mo Salah, they’re back to their best.

Pepsi’s slogan is “For the Love of It”, and that’s to the fore of the latest commercial: Messi & Salah duking it out over the last can of Pepsi in time-honoured fashion, bantering with each other as they go.

Given Pepsi’s ongoing sponsorship of the UEFA Champions’ League, we might see them facing off on the biggest stage in the near future, but for this clash, the setting is a simple gas station.

Let’s set the scene: Leo Messi and Mo Salah bump into each other at a desert petrol station, parched and looking for a drink. Trouble is, there’s just the one can left. You can see where this is going.

Messi gestures to a bin of balls for sale and proposes a little game – best trickshot wins.

Cue all the high action, skill-defying moves that we know and love from the ads of the past: Messi spins the open/closed sign, before Salah pings it to stop in the closed position; Mo goes for the fridge on the sly, only for Messi to shut the door with a football; the attendant knocks over a rack of tyres, which the pair join forces to slam shots through.

Messi & Salah Just Teamed Up For An Amazing New Ad  -

The craic is brought to a halt by the sound of a can opening: the attendant has nipped in ahead of the superstars. They smile wistfully, only for a delivery van to drive past and keep going, because the gas station sign says closed. It’s a great punchline to a great ad.

The footballers-in-commercials genre can often disappoint but Pepsi broke the mould on that over a decade ago with some of the slickest, most star-studded and, crucially, funniest ads in the game.

If this latest is anything to go by, they haven’t lost their touch.