Mick Foley Accepts Sharp's Invitation To Attend Sheffield United Match

Mick Foley Accepts Sharp's Invitation To Attend Sheffield United Match  - FootyNews.co.uk

WWE legend Mick Foley will be making an appearance at Sheffield United’s match against Brentford after he accepted an invitation from Billy Sharp.

That’s right, it’s actually happening.

For those who are unaware, it’s time for a bit of context: during Sheffield’s 2-2 draw with Norwich City last month, Sharp scored twice and decided to pay homage to the former WWE wrestler.

The 33-year-old striker pulled out a sock puppet reminiscent to Foley’s iconic ‘Mr Socko’ and applied the WWE Hall of Famer’s finisher, the Mandible Claw, on teammate George Baldock.

Foley, who was best known for his on-screen personas of Cactus Jack, Dude Love and Mankind (AKA the ‘Three Faces of Foley’), confirmed on Twitter that he had accepted Sharp’s invitation.

The former WCW and ECW superstar will be at the Blades’ clash at Brammall Lane on 12th March.

“Exciting news, I am taking up Billy Sharp on his offer to be his guest at the Sheffield United game on 12th March and on the next day I have a show of my own hosted by Flash Morgan Webster right there at the Stadium!” he told the club’s website.

Sheffield United also confirmed that ‘An Audience with Mick Foley’ would take place on 13th March at Bramall Lane in the Platinum Suite.

Last year marked a special 20th anniversary for Foley, mainly for how The Undertaker threw him off the Hell in a Cell structure at the King of the Ring pay-per-view in 1998.

Have a nice day in Sheffield, Mick. Bang, bang!

Will Foley bring Mr Socko to the Sheffield match?

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