Nemanja Vidic: 'Phil Jones Is Better Than Virgil Van Dijk'

Nemanja Vidic: 'Phil Jones Is Better Than Virgil Van Dijk'  -

Nemanja Vidic became synonymous for games between Manchester United and Liverpool, not for the right reasons, now the former United defender has made a bold claim about the two teams’ defences.

There was a time when Nemanja Vidic was one of the best central defenders in the world. The Serbian created a brilliant partnership with Rio Ferdinand with their strengths perfectly complimenting each other.

Vidic was always brilliant for Sir Alex Ferguson’s team accept for what seemed like just two games a season. Unfortunately for, and the team him it was always in two of the biggest games of the season, Liverpool at home and away.

Whenever Vidic came up against Fernando Torres there was only one outcome, or at least that’s how it felt, a sending off for the United player.

The two sides meet on Sunday afternoon for a pivotal Premier League game but there’s no Vidic and no Torres these days, although both sides could do with their former player at their peak.

United’s defence still has questions hanging over its head, despite the improved performances under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, but Vidic claimed he wouldn’t swap in any of Liverpool‘s back line, even Virgil van Dijk. Speaking to Omnisport the former Inter defender said:

“I think Phil Jones did well in the recent games he played, Chris Smalling is a good defender, [Eric] Bailly as well. I think we have four solid defenders and with the right match I think they can perform to the best of their capabilities.

“Overall, I said even before when they didn’t have great games, if you look at the other teams, I would not have any defenders of Liverpool or Chelsea, I don’t think they have better defenders than we have.

“I think now the team is playing better, they have more confidence and there will come even better matches from them.”

Nemanja Vidic: 'Phil Jones Is Better Than Virgil Van Dijk'  -

The 37 year old was full of praise for Victor Lindelof saying, “I think [Lindelof] had a difficult time in the beginning.

“Well done to him to come back. It’s not easy, especially playing for Man United, big club, to not start that well and have criticism from the media.

“To come back from that and now perform well, it shows some character as well, which is important if you want to play for Man United.”

Nemanja Vidic: 'Phil Jones Is Better Than Virgil Van Dijk'  -

United’s defence has been improved recently, especially Lindelof, but you have to think that most of their fans would happily take Van Dijk.

Who will win on Sunday?