Non-League Player Turns Off Floodlights After Being Shown Red Card

Non-League Player Turns Off Floodlights After Being Shown Red Card  -

Just when you thought you’d seen everything in Non-League football, a player switched off the floodlights and halted the game after being given his marching orders.

Playing for Kidlington Development in the Hellenic League Division One West game against Cheltenham Saracens, Julius Maruga was sent off in the 73rd minute and forced to make his way back to the dressing room for an early bath.

But in his attempt to turn the showers on after heading back to the changing room, Maruga accidentally turned off the floodlights and caused the DN Fire Stadium to be in complete darkness for five minutes.

Saracens would go on to win the game 3-1, with goals from Ryan Smith and Sean McKeon coming after the stoppage and sealing the win for the hosts.

In one of our other favourite Non-League stories this season, Dulwich Hamlet goalkeeper Preston Edwards had to leave the pitch during as the car being towed away during the friendly with Crystal Palace belonged to him.

Given he was running late for the game, Edwards parked in the nearest spot he saw available in order to avoid a fine.

The former England C man tried to just get on with the game after he heard his registration plate called out twice – but then panic set in when the third call-out was made.

“I ignored it the first first two times,” the 29-year old told FootyNews.

“The third time he mentioned about it being towed – I wasn’t having any of it! I shouted randomly to a person in the crowd to tell the tannoy man that it is my car.

“I didn’t know what happened until I got back in at half time. Thankfully, someone moved my car for me.

“Apparently they got an earful from the person who was blocked in!”