Padiham Fined For Walking Off The Pitch

Padiham Fined For Walking Off The Pitch  -

Padiham FC have been fined £165 for taking their players off the pitch after their keeper, Tony Aghayere, was allegedly subject to racist abuse, while their opponents were fined a measly £160.

A North West counties football league fixture was called off after Padiham’s Aghayere was racially abused with manager Liam Smith removing all of his players from the field at Congleton per Burnley Express.

Both clubs have since attended a hearing.

Padiham Fined For Walking Off The Pitch  -

Padiham were fined for abandoning the match while their opponents, Congleton, were fined £5 less than Padiham for the actions of their supporters.

“We decided to take our players off in a game because our goalkeeper was being racially abused,” Padiham’s chairman said. “We were fined £165; the offending club were fined £160. Where is the justice there?”

Unfortunately, this season has been plagued with racist incidents. From a Chelsea fan racially abusing Raheem Sterling to Montenegro fans targeting England’s black players.

England skipper Harry Kane has suggested he’s willing to lead his side off the pitch if players are subject to any more racist abuse.

“It’s terrible, its unacceptable, and I thought our players handled it so well and were so professional and focused on their job and doing what they do best,” he said.

“Now it’s up to the people in charge to make sure the right action is taken because it’s not acceptable in football or any part of life.

“We are a team, a unit and we stick behind all of our players. Hopefully it will never happen again but if it did, I would take their lead on that and whatever they wanted we would support them in that.”

Padiham Fined For Walking Off The Pitch  -

However, his international compatriot, Sterling, says players should not leave the pitch.

“I wouldn’t personally agree with walking off,” the Manchester City star said.

“To win the game would hurt them even more. They’re only trying to get you down.

“If you walk off they win. To score or win would be better.”