Pep Guardiola Has Now Won 27 Trophies As A Manager

Pep Guardiola Has Now Won 27 Trophies As A Manager  -

Pep Guardiola has been lambasted time and time again over the years, but his latest piece of silverware is just further proof of his incredible leadership and talent when it comes to football management. If you disagree, then please read on.

The Spaniard takes risks and more often than not, they pay off.

He employed Messi in the now-famous ‘false nine’ role and he went on to score 47 goals that season.

He gave debuts to Sergio Busquets, Sergi Roberto and Thiago Alcantara.

He has become the first manager since Sir Alex Ferguson to win back to back Premier League trophies with a style of play English football has never seen before.

Let’s be clear. We are talking about a coach who has revolutionised football, for giving those the opportunity to shine and employing them in the right roles, Phil Foden, for example, has flourished under his wing, adapting to his innovations and finding huge success as a result.

He has transformed the landscape of English football. No doubt. He struggled at first, but his philosophy soon rubbed off on Manchester City and they have since reaped the rewards.

Despite City winning the Premier League, not to mention the League Cup victory over Chelsea in February and the FA Cup, many have jumped on the ‘let’s slate Guardiola’ bandwagon, but I ask you step back, look at his overall record and come to a real conclusion.

Pep Guardiola Has Now Won 27 Trophies As A Manager  -

The argument of Guardiola having mountains of cash at his disposal will always be discussed and yes, he has been blessed with owners who are willing to back his ideology, but to constantly motivate his players, year after year, is hugely underestimated.

Wherever he has managed, the majority have become better players under his guidance. That isn’t a coincidence.

Is he one of the all-time great managers?

Let us know your thoughts on the 48-year-old in the comments section.