Ronaldo Brilliantly Responds To Abuse From Atletico Madrid Fans

Ronaldo Brilliantly Responds To Abuse From Atletico Madrid Fans  -

Cristiano Ronaldo is used to getting abuse from opposition fans and so just like a stand up comic he has the perfect answer to any ‘heckle,’ as was the case in the Champions League last 16 tie between Atletico Madrid and Juventus.

When you shout something abusive, even in a ‘funny’ way, at a stand up comedian then there’s a very good chance that you are about to be ‘destroyed’ by them, as they often point out it’s literally what they do for a living.

The same sentiment goes for Cristiano Ronaldo, he might not be paid to make put downs but the five time Ballon d’Or winner has to deal with abuse very often.

After the wink at Euro 2004 that knocked England out of the competition the then Manchester United winger spent the whole year being abused by opposition fans up and down the Premier League.

On Wednesday night Ronaldo returned to Madrid for the first time since leaving Real in the summer, other than for his tax evasion trial, and he was given abuse by the Atleti fans and funnily enough for his tax.

However the former Sporting winger had the perfect answer for Atleti fans, reminding them he’s won the Champions League five times and they never have.

Of course five is also the amount of times that he’s won the Ballon d’Or but having twice beaten Atleti in finals for Real there’s no doubt he was referencing the Champions League wins.

However it was the hosts that got the last laugh with Jose Gimenez and Diego Godin both scoring to give the Spanish side a 2-0 lead, after VAR controversially ruled out a goal for Alvaro Morata.

It would be a huge feather in Ronaldo’s cap if he were to be able to win a sixth Champions League with a third club.