Roy Keane Once Told His Teammate To 'F**k Off', Then KO'd Him

Roy Keane Once Told His Teammate To 'F**k Off', Then KO'd Him  -

Over his 16-year career, Roy Keane built himself a no nonsense, tough tackling reputation that struck fear into players, managers and even referees – minus David Elleray who loved to show Keano the red card at every possible opportunity.

From ‘that’ hilarious bust-up with Patrick Vieira in the Highbury tunnel, ending Manchester City‘s Alf Inge Haaland’s career and stamping on Southgate’s chest, Keane’s career was filled with huge controversies.

In addition to stories about his playing career, tales about the midfielder’s attitude away from the field tend to emerge on a regular basis.

Former Manchester United left-back Gabriel Heinze is the latest victim to Keano’s past.

You’re going to enjoy this one.

Roy Keane Once Told His Teammate To 'F**k Off', Then KO'd Him  -

Heinze has revealed that after one particular defeat, Keane literally knocked the Argentine defender out after he stood up to him in the changing room.

“We lost a game and I went in the dressing room first and Roy Keane was second. I liked to go first after the game. I didn’t want to speak to anyone as we lost,” Heinze told Argentine television.

“I didn’t understand English, just the bad words. I heard my name and ‘f*** off’ by Roy Keane, the best player.

“I knew that was bad so I stood up to him, this idol of Manchester, this great guy who everyone loved, and replied: ‘F*** off, you’. I don’t remember what happened next.”

Heinze then confirmed that he was KO’d by Keane. Incredible scenes.

Roy Keane Once Told His Teammate To 'F**k Off', Then KO'd Him  -

Despite this incredible story, Keane was fond of Heinze, insisting that the defender was a ‘good guy’.

“Gabriel Heinze was another good guy. He was a nasty f***** – nasty in training. I picked up an injury one day. A lot of it was my own fault. It was a Friday. We were playing Spurs at home the next day, and we’d always have light training the day before a home game.” Keane said.

“But it got a bit nasty and it ended up with myself and Gabby having a few tackles on each other.

“He kneed me on the side of my leg and, being the hero that I am, I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to go in for treatment, but I was in agony. I left the house the next day, limping. I said to my wife, ‘Well, I won’t be able to play. I’ll just go in and tell them’. I got to Old Trafford and limped – literally – to the dressing room. I got a few painkillers, and played.

“My wife said it was the funniest thing, hearing my name being announced on the radio, after she’d seen me limping out of the house that morning. But I liked Heinze.”

Roy Keane Once Told His Teammate To 'F**k Off', Then KO'd Him  -

You know what modern day football needs right now – characters like Roy Keane.

Diving would be obsolete. Back chatting to teammates would never happen and games would be filled with brutal challenges and actual passion.

We miss him.