Serie C Manager Handed A Five-Month Ban After Headbutting Rival

Serie C Manager Handed A Five-Month Ban After Headbutting Rival  -

A Serie C manager has received a five-month ban for headbutting a football assistant.

Lucchese manager Giancarlo Favarin knocked Alessandria assistant Gaetano Mancino down with the headbutt, which resulted in chaotic scenes during the match.

According to a press release, the Lucchese boss was found to be “expressing blasphemous phrases during the game, inviting his own player to ‘break the legs’ of an opponent and engaging in verbal polemics with a member of the opposing team’s staff, the peak of which saw him knock the latter to the ground with a violent headbutt.”

Check it out below.

Crazy scenes, right?

“Only five months!!! He should have [a] lifetime ban,” one Twitter user wrote.

A second tweeted: “Ha-ha… Only a five-month ban?!”

A third added: “He must have been a top scorer from header [sic] before becoming a coach. He deserves lifetime ban or prisonment [sic].”

Favarin is not the only one to be punished for the incident. In fact, Mancino has been handed a two-match ban for “offensive and provocative behaviour towards the coach of the opposing team during the game.”

According to Football Italia, Favarin claims that he was provoked into headbutting Mancino after Alessandria’s number two ‘spat at him.’

The match ended in a 2-2 draw.

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