Son Heung-min's Dancing In Ice Cream Advert Is Amazing

Son Heung-min's Dancing In Ice Cream Advert Is Amazing  -

Spurs forward Son Heung-min has appeared in one of the funniest adverts we’re likely to see involving a football star, although there’s no doubt it’s gone down as a huge hit in South Korea.

There’s nothing like a good football advert. We went through a period in the late 90s and early 00s when Nike would produce classic after classic on the small screen, with Brazil marauding around the airport and the cage football on Eric Cantona’s ship being personal highlights. In fairness even more recently they’re still producing bangers:

As good as good football adverts are there’s a lot of difference when you ask football players to ‘act’ in an attempt to sell a product that isn’t to do with football.

Those things happen more often than you’d reckon because of commercial deals, usually because of a deal the club has with someone.

Manchester United have a bit of a habit of appearing in some of the worst non football adverts that feature footballers, some are extremely cringey.

Now Spurs striker Son Heung-min has appeared in an advert for ice cream and whilst many of us might think his dancing is a little cringey you can imagine it’s gone down well in his native South Korea:

There’s definitely the Japanese men’s lipstick about it all isn’t there:

Son will be extremely important to the end of Spurs’ season, as he’s been all season, with Harry Kane picking up a season ending injury against Manchester City in midweek in the Champions League.

The former Bayern Leverkusen player has scored 12 goals in the season so far and with a spot in next season’s Champions League still up for grabs for Mauricio Pochettino’s side he’ll need his scoring boots on between now and mid May.

Son Heung-min's Dancing In Ice Cream Advert Is Amazing  -

His goal against City give Pochettino’s side a big chance of getting into the semi final of the Champions League when the London side travel to Manchester for Wednesday’s second leg.

He sat out the start of Saturday’s game against Huddersfield Town, a 4-0 win to Pochettino’s team, he came on late to set up the final goal.

Now he can go home and enjoy his evening with an ice cream and a little dance in his lounge, he’s earned it.