Suarez's Toddler Bit His Dad's Shoulder During Barcelona's Celebration

Suarez's Toddler Bit His Dad's Shoulder During Barcelona's Celebration  -

No DNA test is necessary, Luis Suarez’s baby is definitely his father’s son.

Last night, during Barcelona‘s La Liga title celebrations, Suarez’s youngest kid, Lautaro, did his best impression of his dad when he was spotted biting his shoulder on the pitch. Of course, it did not take it long for the image to circulate on social media.

Clearly, this kind of thing runs in the Suarez family. The Barcelona No.9 has sunk his teeth into an opponent on not one, not two, but THREE occasions – Otman Bakkal, Branislav Ivanovic and Giorgio Chiellini being his victims.

Suarez was hit with a nine-match international ban for biting Italy defender Chiellini in the World Cup Group D contest back in 2014 , as well as being banned from all football activity for four months – though the punishment was later lessened.

Last year, the Uruguayan revealed to teammate Gerard Pique that he didn’t feel he could celebrate Diego Godin’s winning goal too much because he was already thinking about the sanction that was on the way.

Suarez's Toddler Bit His Dad's Shoulder During Barcelona's Celebration  -

“After that – after I did it – I realised immediately,” he told Pique via The Players’ Tribune.

“We score our goal a few minutes after, I think it’s about 10 minutes after when [Diego] Godín scores, and I don’t celebrate it as much as I usually would – the way everyone else celebrated it – because I was already thinking about the aftermath.”

Suarez was a Liverpool player but in talks to join Barcelona at the time and he thought his moment of madness was going see the deal collapse.

Pique asked: “And during any moment, did it cross your mind that because of it, the Barcelona deal could fall through?

“Yes, yes,” Suarez replied.

“Because it was everything – in addition to thinking about the World Cup, and being able to fulfill my dream to come here to Barça – everything had gone overboard for me.

“And I think in the few days after that – before they kicked me out of the World Cup – that’s when I spoke with Zubi [Andoni Zubizarreta Urreta], and the president, and they told me to be calm because Barça still wanted me and, and, I have no problem saying it, I cried.

“Because, they were accepting, and me going through what I did in that moment, and with the shit I had caused, it was complicated to trust in me. Truth is, Barça has been so good to me, and I will always be very grateful for that.”