The Incredible Details Marcelo Bielsa Revealed In His Press Conference

The Incredible Details Marcelo Bielsa Revealed In His Press Conference  -

Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa hit the headlines last week by spying on Derby County and on Wednesday evening he was back in them after admitting he’d spied on every Championship opposition this season.

Marcelo Bielsa isn’t the most conventional of managers and he’s well known for some of his odder antics as a manager so when he called a press conference for 5pm on Wednesday some thought it would be to end his tenure as Leeds United manager.

The Championship club are flying high at the top of the table but following last week’s ‘spygate’ controversy it wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility, after all the Argentine once quit Lazio two days after joining the club and before he’d managed a game.

Ahead of the game against Derby County Bielsa admitted that he’d spied on Frank Lampard’s side before the match and at Wednesday’s press conference he admitted that his club had spied on every Championship team this season.

On top of the spying the former Marseille boss revealed the incredible analysis of his team’s opposition he and his staff have:

Clearly Bielsa is the most knowledgeable manager about his opposition that there is, knowing more about the opposition than they know about themselves.

The point of the whole press conference from the 63 year old is clearly to show that spying on his opponents doesn’t actually give him an advantage.

The whole thing remains morally questionable despite not being against any rules but even if he’s stopped there’s no doubt he has all the information he needs.