The #LiverSpurs Badge Is Being Shared By Liverpool Fans

The #LiverSpurs Badge Is Being Shared By Liverpool Fans  -

Things can ‘escalate’ during a Premier League title race. Fans go above and beyond to support their club, but many believe some Liverpool supporters have gone too far, this afternoon.

Ahead of Saturday’s early kick-off between Manchester City and Spurs, a certain group of supporters have got behind Mauricio Pochettino’s side by sharing the following badge.

In fact, the hashtag #LiverSpurs circulated on social media before kick-off.

Here are just a handful of reactions from Twitter and well, it has been met with a mixed reaction:

So who will win the title race?

Manchester City will beat Liverpool to the Premier League trophy this season, according to a supercomputer who thinks the reigning champions will defend their title by a single point.

We’re in the midst of one of the great races. It’s enhanced by the fact we haven’t had a proper tight race in a good few years with Manchester City, Chelsea and Leicester City sauntering away with the trophy in the last three years.

But this has to go down in history as one of the all-time best.

The #LiverSpurs Badge Is Being Shared By Liverpool Fans  -

Manchester United fans will be happy, not just because Liverpool won’t be lifting the title, as they’re apparently due to finish fourth, beating both Arsenal and Chelsea by a point.

Who do you think will win the Premier League in the coming weeks?

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