Thiago Messi and Ronaldo Jr Have More In Common Than They Know

Thiago Messi and Ronaldo Jr Have More In Common Than They Know  -

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi is the ultimate footballing rivalry built merely on the genius and brilliance of the two men but the big question is whether or not it will continue with the next generation.

The world is split into three camps, either you’re in the Cristiano Ronaldo camp, the Lionel Messi camp or the camp that says ‘can’t we just enjoy them both whilst they’re still here.’

Truly we are blessed to having both these football geniuses be around when we can see them on a near weekly basis, but Messi is better. It’s just my opinion and you can shout all the stats you want at me I just prefer the Argentina forward.

But sod talking about Ronaldo and Messi, we’ve done that far too many times, let’s talk about their sons, Cristiano Jnr and Thiago, instead.

The other week a brilliant video of the two kids went viral when it showed the amazing differences between them and how their dad’s are bringing them up:

But despite those differences between the kids, and all the ones that seem to split their dad’s too, there’s one quirk that connects them to their paps.

Cristiano Ronaldo Snr was born on February 5th 1985 whilst Messi was born on 24th June 1987, meaning there is a 869 days between when they were born and there’s exactly the same amount of days difference between Jnr and Thiago.

Messi revealed this week that his son actually criticises him when he plays badly, like that ever happens, saying, “It’s always difficult to digest defeats and bad performances, but [my son] Thiago now forces me to comment on what happened and explain,” Messi told SPORT.

“He follows everything, asks questions, and gives me notes when things are not going so well. Yes, yes, I already received a couple of criticisms!”

Ronaldo Jnr is playing for Juventus‘ youth team and seems to be impressing, just like his dad.

Which son will make it biggest? The next rivalry starts here.