Two Hotel Workers Required Medical Attention After Alleged Assault

Two Hotel Workers Required Medical Attention After Alleged Assault  -

Reports say that workers at the Plaça Reial hotel in the main square in Barcelona were assaulted by Liverpool fans.

According to Mundo Deportivo, two employees at the nearby hotel on the square required medical attention and two other people suffered bruises, with one apparently suffering a broken nose.

Six Liverpool fans have been arrested in the city.

Nearly 5,000 Reds’ fans have made the trip to Catalonia and on Tuesday afternoon hundreds gathered in the Placa Reial square, where one supporter was filmed pushing two locals into the fountain.

In the first video, an elderly Asian man standing on the edge of the fountain is pushed in by a fan. Some Liverpool supporters can then be heard laughing and chanting ‘Liverpool, taking the piss” – with one making a racist comment.

The local man stands there drenched checking to see if his phone is broken, unaware of who the culprit is.

Then in a second clip, the same fan, with his grey hair, blue fleece and jeans, is seen doing the same thing to another local minding his own business near the fountain.

Several Liverpool fans have condemned the actions of the fan and urged the club to take action, while Merseyside Police confirmed that they are aware of the video circulating online.

The Liverpool Echo reports that the Placa Reial square was later completely cordoned off by Spanish police and Liverpool fans were then moved onto La Rambla, the hugely popular tourist street in Barcelona.