ELTON JOHN has been slammed by furious Brits for claiming that Boris Johnson has “f****d up” the UK’s fishing industry since Brexit.

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Sir Elton unleashed a blistering attack against the Government – which he accused of “lying” – at the weekend. The singer, born Reginald Dwight, said he was “livid” at how performers had been treated since Brexit and even claimed the government had “f****d up” the country’s fishing industry.

His outlandish comments quickly attracted an equally hostile response from Brexit-loving Brits.

One said: “Elton John the fishing expert. He had no problem with the 80k job losses in fishing since joining the EU in 1973.

“Grimsby used to be the biggest fishing port and processing facility in the world.

“Now no processing is done there and just a handful of boats left.”

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Elton John

Elton John has been slammed by many Brits (Image: Getty)

UK fishing

Sir Elton claimed the UK’s fishing industry is “f****d” (Image: Getty)

Another raged: “How often does Elton John board a trawler and fish for a living?

“Amusing comments from a public figure wanting to prove he has an opinion – even if it’s wrong.”

Meanwhile a fourth said: “Elton John, another rich Remainer preaching to us.”

Speaking to the Observer, the father-of-two branded cabinet members “liars” who “lie” to the public on a daily basis.


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Elton John

Elton John is never shy of airing his views (Image: Getty)

He raged: “I’m so angry. I’m livid about what the government did when Brexit happened, they made no provision for the entertainment business, and not just for musicians, actors and film directors, but for the crews, the dancers, the people who earn a living by going to Europe.

“People like me can afford to go to Europe because we can get people to fill in the forms and get visas done, but what makes me crazy is that the entertainment business brings in £111billion a year to this country and we were just tossed away.”

Elton continued: “The fishing industry – which they still f****d up – brings in £1.4billion and I’m all for the fishermen, but we’re talking about over a hundred billion pounds of difference here, and we weren’t even thought about.”

He went on to claim that “the arts don’t matter” to those in power.

UK fishing

The industry has suffered because of rules introduced since Brexit (Image: Getty)

The Candle In The Wind hitmaker added: “They are philistines, the government are philistines.

“We’ve got used to governments – especially the British Government – just telling us lies every day, and I don’t feel OK with that.

“Look what they did with the NHS after all that those people did during Covid, they give them a one percent increase.”

Earlier this year, Sir Elton claimed that the situation for musicians was “ridiculous” and that “music is one of Britain’s greatest cultural exports”.

Boris Johnson

Sir Elton accused Boris Johnson’s government of “lying” (Image: Getty)

“Either the Brexit negotiators didn’t care about musicians or didn’t think about them, or Brexit negotiators weren’t sufficiently prepared — they screwed up,” he wrote in The Telegraph.