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Harry Kane: The Sky pundits on his future

What does the future hold for Harry Kane?

The Tottenham star will turn 28 in July and it is understood he is becoming increasingly concerned at Tottenham’s failure to compete for major trophies.

Kane is expected to tell Tottenham he wants to leave if they fail to qualify for the Champions League next season.

So what should Kane do? And where should he play his football next season? The Sky Sports pundits have had their say…

Jamie Redknapp: No surprise if Kane asks to leave Tottenham

Sky Sports’ Jamie Redknapp:

“I wouldn’t be surprised [if Kane is considering leaving].

“He’s a man of few words when it comes to anything other than football. Normally he does his talking on the pitch. The fact that the quotes are out there does make me question what will happen. He’s put it on Tottenham – he wants to be in the Champions League.

“If they finish in the top four and win a trophy then it’s been a very successful season. If they don’t, they are certainly going to risk losing their talisman.

“Where he goes is certainly going to be interesting. Who has the money to buy someone like Harry Kane? He’s one of the best in the world and if he doesn’t feel the club is going in the direction l wouldn’t be surprised if he does ask for a move in the summer.”

Souness: It’s now or never for Kane

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Graeme Souness and Darren Bent discuss Chelsea after their impressive 4-1 victory against Crystal Palace and whether Erling Haaland should be their number one transfer target in the summer.

Sky Sports’ Graeme Souness:

“There are two prizes out there: Haaland and Kane.

“With Haaland, there is still a question mark, but that is getting smaller with every week. With Harry, there are no question marks.

“But I think for Harry Kane, it is this year or never.

“For Spurs to become what Harry would want isn’t going to happen during his career. It’s not going to happen during his time at the football club. He hasn’t got six, seven years to wait.

“I don’t think that [£200m] would be outrageous. I don’t think Pep is being entirely honest when he says they won’t go big this year. I think they will.”

Keane: I think Kane fancies Manchester United

Sky Sports’ Roy Keane:

“It’s only natural for us to speculate about Harry Kane if they don’t get in the Champions League. He must be getting frustrated.

“If they can’t get into the Champions League, and obviously they are not competing at the top end of the league, then it is only natural from a selfish point of view that Harry Kane would have to look at his options – and he would have some great options because he is a world-class striker and there aren’t many out there.

“…Kane must be looking at this Manchester United team and thinking ‘I could be the top man up front for Man United’. Kane must fancy a United move. I think Kane fancies United.

“Man United have closed the gap to City and Kane would be a huge step.”

Merson: Cup final could be defining moment

Tottenham Hotspur's Harry Kane during the Premier League match at Villa Park


Paul Merson thinks the outcome of the Carabao Cup final between Tottenham and Manchester City could determine Harry Kane’s future.

Sky Sports’ Paul Merson:

“If Manchester United want to challenge Manchester City over the next three or four years they will have to have a Harry Kane. They need a centre-forward.

“In the cup final, he will be working on scraps. Man City are going to dominate the ball…I think that’s going to be the defining moment. After the game he will come in and think ‘you know what, I’ve got to leave Tottenham’.”

Hendrie: Kane should join Man City

Sky Sports’ Lee Hendrie:

“If Harry Kane goes to Manchester City, they will just dominate completely. At his age, why is he going to take a gamble on Manchester United? We talk about winning trophies etc, my first thought would be ‘Man City all day’.”

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