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How much is 799 dollars in pounds? First hint at iPhone 13 UK prices

The new iPhone 13 prices have been announced but UK customers will have to wait before finding out how much the new phones will cost.

The entry-level iPhone 13 is priced at $799 according to Apple CEO Tim Cook in a live stream to announce the latest generation of the iPhone 13, leaving UK customers frantically converting dollars to pounds to guess at UK prices.

It is possible the prices will directly translate across with the iPhone 13 priced at £799 and the iPhone Pro Max priced at a hefty £1,099.

If the conversion is done based on current conversion rates it could mean the new iPhone 13 is priced at a little under £580.

Pre orders for the new phone will open in the UK on Friday 17 September with the phone arriving in shops a week later. Fans are now eagerly awaiting more information on exactly when orders will open.

Most major networks have not revealed their on-sale plans but O2 has launched deals including six months of Apple Music free with some plans.

The iPhone 13 and new Pro and Pro Max versions will go on sale at Apple and the usual outlets including Amazon, Currys and the networks themselves.

The iPhone 13 will be available from:

The new iPhone has a new wider camera named Ultrawide, 5G connectivity, new colour options and a longer lasting battery compared to older models.

Apple also launched a new Apple Watch and Mini iPad at the event.

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