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Patrice Evra details the most confusing ‘hair dryer treatment’ he got at Man Utd

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Patrice Evra spent eight-and-a-half years at Manchester United, with the majority of that period under the guidance of Sir Alex Ferguson playing as the club’s main left-back.

The Frenchman won 14 trophies during his United career, including five Premier League titles.

However, despite the highs there were also lows, with multiple players over the years on the receiving end of the Ferguson’s infamous “hair dryer”.

Speaking on Eddie Hearn’s No Passion, No Point podcast, Evra revealed he was no exception — even when he didn’t fully deserve it.

“We played against Tottenham and we were winning 2-0 at half-time,” Evra recalled. “I came back into the dressing room and everyone was telling me, ‘Wow, Pat, you’re on fire!’ I was giving high-fives to everyone and was taking my drink. Ferguson was sat like this [silent].

“When he doesn’t talk for three minutes, it means that someone is in trouble but I would never have expected myself.

Ferguson signed defensive duo Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra for United in January 2006

Ferguson signed defensive duo Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra for United in January 2006

“He looked at me and said: ‘Patrice, you OK?’ I said: ‘Yes, boss. I’m OK!’

“He said: ‘Are you tired?’ I thought it was a prank or something so I looked around and said, ‘Am I tired? No.’

“He said, ‘Do you think you are playing a good game?’ I said: ‘Boss! I’m on fire.’ Everybody started laughing but he gave me the famous hairdryer. He said: ‘What the hell are you doing? This is the worst game you have played since I signed you for Manchester United. Why did you pass the ball back to Van der Sar?’

“I told him that I didn’t have any other option and he said: ‘If you do that again, I will take you out of the team. You’re going to come and watch the game next to me!’”

United went on to win the game in question 4-0, with the Frenchman being one of the standout performers on that day.

Evra later mentioned how after the match he went to see Ferguson and the former United manager had high praise for him.

Ji-Sung Park and Evra following United's League Cup win in 2010

Ji-Sung Park and Evra following United’s League Cup win in 2010

He said: “We ended up beating Tottenham 4-0 and after the game, I had my shower and everyone was saying, ‘Patrice, well done. That was a good game.’

“I said: ‘Leave me alone, guys.’ But the next day, because I don’t like injustice, I went to Ferguson’s office and knocked on the door. He opened it with a ‘Hey son, how are you?’ and he was smiling.

“I asked him what happened yesterday and he said: ‘No, Patrice! You’ve been the best player on the pitch. What a game, seriously! You’re such a great player.’

“I looked at him like [confused]. He said: ‘At half-time we were playing so well but Cristiano Ronaldo would start doing some skills and we were starting to disrespect Tottenham instead of killing them. When the fans pay to come to the stadium, they want you to score one goal but if you can score the second, you score the second or third or fourth. This is the United mentality. But well done, son.’

“What was that? It was just because he knew I could take the fire and he sent a message to my other teammates because they were like: ‘Wow, if he’s killing Patrice then we’d better perform.’

“That’s the kind of relationship I had with Ferguson but I’ll be honest with you, at the end I was like: ‘Boss next time please tell me, make me aware, give me a sign or something.’ He told me to get out of his office.”

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