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Samson: Why Trevor Bauer’s comments won’t help the scuffling Dodgers

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On Monday’s episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson,” David Samson discussed what is going on with the Los Angeles Dodgers and pitcher Trevor Bauer’s comments on the team. The defending World Series champions have been struggling as of late — they’ve gone 5-15 since starting the season 13-2 — and Bauer is upset because he says he joined the squad to win. Samson says that’s not so.

The podcast host says Bauer came to the Dodgers to get paid, not to win. Here’s part of what Samson had to say:

“You can complain, you can talk about your team and its performance and your disappointment, but don’t say ‘I’m pissed personally, I fricken hate losing, I want to win, that’s why I came here.’ What a bunch of horse crap … Trevor Bauer didn’t come there to win, he came there to get paid.”

He sums up their season so far saying, “How are the Dodgers doing? … not good,” and says the team did not pay attention to the No. 1 thing that happens to World Series teams.

“It is impossible to have the same motivation to repeat as it is to win your first,” Samson said, adding that many teams go through it, thinking they can do the same thing and get the same result.

He says if you’re the Dodgers, this is when you decide whether Dave Roberts is a good manager. Samson says as a manager eventually you plateau with your voice and you have to get a new level of motivation.

He says Roberts need to make it clear that Bauer cannot be the spokesperson for the Dodgers and his chatter will not help the team. Samson explains that these issues are why he did not pick the Dodgers to win the World Series this year and he is sticking with that prediction.

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