Why Lionel Messi Never Watches Barcelona Games Back

Why Lionel Messi Never Watches Barcelona Games Back  - FootyNews.co.uk

Lionel Messi is not one to watch Barcelona games back as it’s not his way of doing things.

Performance analysis is a big thing in modern football, with players often watching their performances back and seeing how they can improve.

Five-time Ballon d’Or Messi is so good that he really doesn’t need to scrutinise his displays but according to his teammate Luis Suarez, the Argentine doesn’t watch games back because he’s too hard on himself and would instead prefer to what happened on the pitch.

Asked whether Messi studies games, Suarez told SPORT that the talismanic pair are of the same mindset: “No, but we talk about a lot of situations in matches.

“The good as much as the bad because we’re both self-critical. There are days when the team wins and I feel frustrated because I didn’t perform well.

“And Leo knows I’m in an argumentative mood. The same way I know when he’s angry because he didn’t have a good performance.”

Suarez has played with Messi since 2014 after making a £65 million move from Liverpool, initially playing on the right side of a front three.

Why Lionel Messi Never Watches Barcelona Games Back  - FootyNews.co.uk

But then, in a difficult game away at Suarez’s old team Ajax, Messi and Suarez swapped roles and after a conversation during the game between the two of them – as well as Enrique giving his blessing – they stuck at it and the rest is history as they say.

“They sat really deep and of course, with Leo in that position, he wasn’t finding much space and they put me in there,” he told in an in-depth interview with SPORT.

“We made two really good plays and when I was about to go back out wide, Leo said:’If you want, you can stay here.’

“As if he was asking me. I stayed in that position and it was later Luis Enrique who decided, after speaking to all three of us, to stick with it. “Would you like to keep playing that way?” With me as the ‘9’. We all said yes. And that’s how it stayed.”