You Can Take A FIFA Masterclass For £25.00

You Can Take A FIFA Masterclass For £25.00  -

Need to sharpen up your FIFA skills so you can stop getting annihilated by all your mates, whether it’s online are at a FIFA night?

We reckon a ‘FIFA Masterclass’ from a pro is exactly what the doctor ordered and that very service is being offered by ‘GamerzClass’ and two-time world champion player August “Agge” Rosenmeier.

GamerzClass have courses specialising in improving your ability in Fornite, League of Legends and Counter Strike: Go but the Danish company branched out into the FIFA space in a huge way on Tuesday and over 500 people have signed up in 24 hours.

The newly released course is available for a discounted introductory price of €29.99 (£25.00) and contains 28 different episodes, totalling more than three hours of exclusive on-demand video material pre-recorded at Telia Parken, the hometown of F.C Copenhagen.

You Can Take A FIFA Masterclass For £25.00  -

Moreover, there are additional workbooks/hat need to be completed by the student as the course goes on. It’s basically like going to FIFA school but not being told off for swinging on your chair or chewing gum in class.

Everything single element of the game is covered in the one-to-one classes that are delivered straight to your device of choice.

There are sessions on game-play, mechanics (attacking, defence, skill moves), tactics (offensive, defensive, balanced) and situations (free kick, goal kick, corners).

And you’re getting knowledge and tips from an absolute expert in the game. Agge, 22, has been playing FIFA competitively for nine years now and has the ambition of becoming the best of all-time.

In 2014, he met five-time Ballon d’Or winners Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi along with claiming a $20,000 cash prize after winning a tournament.

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He now plays FIFA full-time professionally for a living, representing PSG North Hashtag. A RedBull athlete, Agge has also recently been included in the Denmark team for the upcoming FIFA e-world cup.

You yourself have the ability to learn from one of the best in the business by enrolling on the course now, with 14 days money back guarantee.