Forest Green Goalkeeper Loses Teeth And Suffers 'Horrendous Cut'

Forest Green Goalkeeper Loses Teeth And Suffers 'Horrendous Cut'  -

Goalkeeper James Montgomery was rushed to hospital after he sustained a brutal injury during Forest Green’s match against Mansfield.

The 24-year-old English ‘keeper took a boot to the face when he dived low to stop Gethin Jones from scoring.

Montgomery suffered horrible injuries from the collision, which included a nasty cut to his lip and even losing some of his teeth.

The Forest Green ‘keeper has since taken to social media to share images of the injury, along with showing the funny side of the incident.

Over on Instagram, Montgomery captioned the image with “what a game football is” and “999, please.” When it comes to Twitter, he has joked about setting up a JustGiving page.

“On [the] way to hospital, setting up a JustGiving page if anyone wants to help me pay for my new teeth… Good point and well done to the lads on coming back from behind!” he tweeted.

“You should see the other lad!!”

Forest Green Goalkeeper Loses Teeth And Suffers 'Horrendous Cut'  -

Football fans have also wished him a speedy recovery, as well as joining in on the banter for a bit of fun.

“Nothin’ a vegan sausage roll won’t sort out,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another tweeted: “One of the perks of being a GK, mate. Get well soon.”

A third said: “Get well soon, mate, it’s not affected your looks.”

A fourth added: “Will find your teeth before the snow comes in.”

Forest Green manager Mark Cooper was unsure how long Montgomery would be out injured — but that was after he took a cheeky dig at his player.

“That’ll interfere with his good looks for a while,” he told BBC Sport.

“He’s got a large facial wound, a horrendous cut on his lip and he’s missing a few teeth.

“He’ll need some work done and is off to hospital to get some treatment, so we’ll see how he goes in terms of how long he’ll be out of action.”

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